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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! Dear Friends!


The 68th Tour de Pologne is coming. This year we open a new page of history of the race, which is a part of prestigious series UCI World Tour. We are proud that thank to great work put in organization of the race, sponsors and medias, the race was awarded worldwide and we can again host in Poland the best world cyclists.


I am glad, because we once again proofed that in Poland is possible to make an event that meets the highest standards. 18 best world teams, teams with wildcards and Polish National Team, which start in the race can guarantee spectacular sports emotions. I am convinced that this year, similarly to last years, Tour de Pologne will be an opportunity for polish cyclists to show and sign up contracts with Pro Teams.


I can say that my dream came true. Our national Tour has a place in the most prestigious cycle of races in the world. Now I set myself new goals. I would like to promote via Tour de Pologne our beautiful country. Periodically changed route enable to present various parts of Poland and show our history, culture and tourist values. We have reasons to be proud of Poland and we must show it.


I thank everybody, who contributed to growth of Tour de Pologne. The support, which we gained, cause that we constantly develop and can organize with success logistically the hardest sports event in Poland.


I invite for wonderful Tour de Pologne spectacle. I am convinced that main actors will play their roles perfectly and screenplay with direction will be remembered for many years.


Czesław Lang